Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SYNCABLES® wirelessly syncs Android or Blackberry phones with a computer

SYNCABLES SOLUTIONS #7: Do you find it hard to keep your contacts up to date between your phone and your computer? Or do you have trouble finding time to move your photos captured on your camera phone onto your computer?

In Syncables® 360 v7, we have added WiFi sync compatibility for Android and Blackberry smartphones, so it has never been easier to keep the media and contacts in perfect sync between your smartphone and your Windows or Mac computer.

You can easily set your profile parameters to sync automatically, so whenever your “syncables” smartphone detects your “syncables” computer your devices are updated without you even lifting a finger. It’s an amazingly cool and extremely convenient feature!

New version 7 enables you to sync both ways: from your phone to your computer and from your computer to your phone. This flexibility gives you a lot of great options for data management between your devices:


Sync photos and video captured on your phone to exactly the right folder on your computer. Its wireless and can be completely automatic.

Setup your personal photo “album” and your favorite pictures of family, vacation, pets, etc. will always be up to date and available to you on either your computer or your phone.

Transfer (or migrate) your contacts to your new smartphone with Syncables helpful one way sync functions.
* Transfer your favorite movie from your computer to your smartphone to play while on the road. The built-in Syncables intelligence knows your phone and will auto-convert the file so the movie plays in exactly the right format.

With the expanded WiFi and mobile phone functionality of this new version, you can even stream your photo slideshows, music library or movie collection directly to your smartphone. Also, view files and media listed on your computer right on your smartphone.

Syncables 360 Premium v7 Save $10

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