Sunday, July 15, 2012

ThinkBuzan Mindmapping Software

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This is our elite software, packed with the full feature set iMindMap has to offer. The one-stop Mind Mapping tool that can take you from the seed of an idea all the way to a powerful presentation, an infallible project plan, an engaging and trackable curriculum design, or even a rock solid budget without breaking a sweat. With every feature designed to foster innovation, including our groundbreaking 3D View and 3 months access to iMindMap Freedom, you can conquer complex tasks with flair and originality from the boardroom to the lecture theatre. Introducing the world's first true 3D View for Mind Mapping software! 3D View offers a completely new way to interactively present. Navigate around your map from a multitude of angles, zooming in on different areas, exploring the bigger picture and Mind Mapping in a whole new way. You can watch your ideas develop and multiply in an interactive journey, adding in or editing branches as you go. Capture audiences instantly with presentations that come alive. Reading bullet points from slides can leave your presentations or lessons dull. iMindMap’s Presentation View is a whole new way of doing things. Animating your points branch by branch, you can really draw in your audience. Enjoy peace of mind with the Presenter Notes window, prompting you with the facts and figures you’re worried you’ll forget. iMindMap Basic
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